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New arena for Penguins

Posted by Scott Plummer on March 14, 2007

As most people who care, and even those that don’t, know by now, the Penguins and state and local government have come to an agreement to build a new arena for the Penguins. There are plenty of articles out there about it and we are sure to hear more about it as the project moves forward. I was vocal in my dislike for something Mario Lemieux kept repeating throughout this whole process…”we were told that we were getting a new arena 8 years ago”. I am paraphrasing of course but this was heard a lot. I understood his frustration but I wanted him to move past the issue. I have since shifted my position on this, slightly. Recently the Police, and Genesis announced reunion tours, neither are coming to Pittsburgh. Why? The reason I have heard the most is that the facilities weren’t sufficient to host their show. Paul McCartney cited the same reason for not coming to the ‘Burgh a few years back. These rock icons could’ve brought huge money to the area if the deal had gotten done several years ago. The closest they are coming is Cleveland. Rush, my favorite band, while no dates have been announced, will be coming this summer and play at Post Gazette Pavilion, if they were scheduled to come in the fall they might have had to skip Pittsburgh for the same reason. I bring the issue up about these bands for those who think that the arena will only be used by the Penguins. This arena will be used more than the 41 home games for the Penguins.


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