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Funny Band. The Singer.

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 9, 2008

A while back I posted about a funny band. Not a group that plays comedic songs, but musicians that are not only talented musicians, but also happen to be quite funny. The original post can be found here. My original two members were on bass Guy Pratt, and on guitar Alex Lifeson. I have now come up with a vocalist, and that is Phil Collins, and if I don’t find a drummer, he will be pulling double duty just like he does with Genesis. What I find most humorous about Phil is his interaction with the audience, and his overall demeanor on stage epspecially in songs like I Can’t Dance, live, and the music video. So there we have it. Guitar, bass and vocals. This will probably be an ever expanding group, I am putting no limit to the number of members. Any suggestions are welcome.



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