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Make the yellow stop!

Posted by Scott Plummer on December 4, 2008

Why are so many European football(soccer for us Yanks) clubs wearing hideous looking yellow away (or third) shirts this year. When I first saw my favorite club’s (Celtic) away shirt I was disappointed, but the idea has apparently spread across Europe. The concept of a different away shirt color every year is a foreign enough concept for us Americans but did all of these European clubs have to make it worse by choosing such a bad color? The first six I knew off the top of my head then I decided to check out some of Europe’s bigger leagues. Please let me know if I missed any.

Chelsea (third)
Derby County
Everton (third)
Stoke City
West Bromich Albion
Wigan Athletic
Paris Saint-Germain (third)
Olympique Lyonnais (third)
Le Havre
SM Caen


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