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Posted by Scott Plummer on September 16, 2008

I was going to write a more substantial post about the sentencing of the man responsible for the death of a college friend of mine, but I will just let the news tell the story.

Yesterday was a day that I will never forget as I watched the proceedings from the back of the courtroom. Only when the steel of the handcuffs clasped around his wrists did he look like he finally realized what he had done.

This is the third friend of mine that has lost their life since I graduated in 2001, 2 of them were due to a drunk driver, and one died of cancer. None of them made it past their mid-twenties. Why are my friends dying?


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Posted by Scott Plummer on June 29, 2008

I know it’s been awhile since I posted but I just wanted to update anyone who might actually read this as to what has been going on. June has been pretty crazy. I’m settled into the apartment in Mt. Washington, and found out that two friends from IUP live up here too, Angie, and Walt. I went to Binghamton New York the first weekend of June for a friends master’s degree grad party. I spent Father’s day weekend in Latrobe with the family. I saw Jonathan Coulton and it rocked. His music has been dominating my playlist recently. I played a full ninety minutes at left back for an over 30 soccer game and will be playing full time again in the fall, I can’t wait for that. There was also the 2nd annual DTA picnic in Indiana, and this past weekend I was in Williamsport for the 40th Boyer family reunion. This week is going to be pretty jam packed too. On the 2nd, my brother Chris and I are going to see Rush at Post-Gazette Pavillion, my review will come sometime after the concert. Thursday is Chris’ birthday, and of course Friday is the 4th of July which I’ll be spending in Latrobe hanging out with my great family and friends. I am also going to try and squeeze in a trip to see Angie march for the Reading Buccaneers, hopefully I can fit that in, I think I have some time in July. I’m thinking about going to DCI finals in Bloomington Indiana the second weekend of August if I can find someone to go with, more on that later. I also am going to have an update to my funny band post of a few months back in the coming days/weeks. I’m going to try and blog more, we’ll see how that goes.


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More info on Renee

Posted by Scott Plummer on January 23, 2008

I received the following information from Renee’s sister.

Hey Scott…thought I’d let you know that we just heard word the trial date is going to be June 16 in PGH for Renee’s case and hoped you could spread the word to the fellow IUPers that you can.

Thanks 🙂

Here’s hoping he won’t try to delay it a million times!

Any more updates I get you can find them here.

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More info on Renee

Posted by Scott Plummer on October 19, 2007

I received a comment/email from Renee’s sister Lisa updating me on what is going on with the case/trial. Here is what Lisa told me.

“… has video of Crowson in handcuffs being arraigned on Monday.  The preliminary hearing is set for Wednesday the 24th….over three months since he killed her and 2 days before her should-have-been 27th birthday…

“…WTAE seems to be the station up there that’s the most on the ball but i’ve seen wpxi, kdka, and msnbc cover the information as well…”



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Great day.

Posted by Scott Plummer on September 8, 2007

Had a great day at the Highland Games in Ligonier. I got myself a Celtic F.C. shirt. On the sports front IUP beat Cheney 80-14. Go Crimson Hawks!!!

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Renee’s viewing/funeral

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 7, 2007

We would like to get a count of how many of you out there are going to be able to make it to Renee’s funeral and/or viewing. I know Angie Basham has 5 definites so far and she would like to know who is coming because she wants to get a ‘Grace’ rehearsal in between the viewing and the funeral. Please comment on the blog if you are able to make it. Thank you.

Also if you have any pictures of Renee please forward them to myself or Angie. Angie is putting together a scrapbook.

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More information on Renee’s viewing & funeral

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 6, 2007

George A. Thoma Funeral Home Inc

10418 Perry Highway

Wexford, PA 15090



Visitation at the Funeral Home:

12 noon – 4:00 PM  Sunday, July 8, 2007


Funeral Service at the Church:

6:00PM,  July 8, 2007 Sunday


Ingomar Methodist Church

1501 West Ingomar Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

(412) 364-3613

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations to supplement the elementary music programs be made to the:

Highlands School District

Box 288

1330 Eleventh Avenue

Natrona Heights, PA 15065

ATTN: Renee Parkinson Memorial


Thanks again to Angie Basham for getting this information.

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Another article on Renee

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 6, 2007

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Information on Renee’s viewing

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 6, 2007

I received the following information on viewing details from Angie Basham. Thanks Angie.

“I’ve got some very sparse information regarding Renee’s viewing. It will be at the Thoma funeral home in Wexford either on Sunday or Monday.”

As soon as I get more info I will post it.

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More on Renee

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 6, 2007

This article has some more information, along with a video with an interview with some administrators, students, and parents.

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