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Ones that I like

Posted by Scott Plummer on December 15, 2008

Ok. I realize my last post was a bit of a rant on the amount of yellow away and third shirts in European football. I thought I would share some of the ones that I actually like.

Celtic Home (I have this one.)
Manchester City Away
Fulham Away
Roma Home
AC Milan Home
Bayer Leverkusen Home
Werder Bremen Third
Racing de Santander Away
Valencia Away
Heart of Midlothian Home
Atlas AC Home
Olympique de Marseille Third
Aalborg European away
AEK Athens Third
US Men’s National Team Home (I have this one) and Away

So there are some of my favorites. Feel free to let me know some of yours.


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Make the yellow stop!

Posted by Scott Plummer on December 4, 2008

Why are so many European football(soccer for us Yanks) clubs wearing hideous looking yellow away (or third) shirts this year. When I first saw my favorite club’s (Celtic) away shirt I was disappointed, but the idea has apparently spread across Europe. The concept of a different away shirt color every year is a foreign enough concept for us Americans but did all of these European clubs have to make it worse by choosing such a bad color? The first six I knew off the top of my head then I decided to check out some of Europe’s bigger leagues. Please let me know if I missed any.

Chelsea (third)
Derby County
Everton (third)
Stoke City
West Bromich Albion
Wigan Athletic
Paris Saint-Germain (third)
Olympique Lyonnais (third)
Le Havre
SM Caen

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Posted by Scott Plummer on September 14, 2007

James McFadden’s scorching goal from 40 yards out propels Scotland past France in the Euro 2008 qualifying round. Amazing goal.

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I am tired of this.

Posted by Scott Plummer on August 1, 2007

Ok. I know it took 15 years of losing but I am finally tired of the Pirates. They have proved time and time again that they are unwilling to improve. When I say “they” I mean upper level management. They are unwilling to pay big prices for big time players. They are also unwilling to trade for big time players who can help the team, with the exceptions being Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, and Freddy Sanchez. Their drafting philosophy is so screwed up it defies explanation. The latest mind numbing move is the trade to pick up struggling, over paid pitcher Matt Morris from the Giants. They need to wake up or risk the fan base marching on PNC Park like an angry mob with torches. Soccer has passed baseball now as my third favorite sport, after hockey and football. I am not sure what surprises me more about that a) that it actually happened, or b) the ease in which it happened.  Let’s go Toronto FC!!!!

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