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Posted by Scott Plummer on June 29, 2008

I know it’s been awhile since I posted but I just wanted to update anyone who might actually read this as to what has been going on. June has been pretty crazy. I’m settled into the apartment in Mt. Washington, and found out that two friends from IUP live up here too, Angie, and Walt. I went to Binghamton New York the first weekend of June for a friends master’s degree grad party. I spent Father’s day weekend in Latrobe with the family. I saw Jonathan Coulton and it rocked. His music has been dominating my playlist recently. I played a full ninety minutes at left back for an over 30 soccer game and will be playing full time again in the fall, I can’t wait for that. There was also the 2nd annual DTA picnic in Indiana, and this past weekend I was in Williamsport for the 40th Boyer family reunion. This week is going to be pretty jam packed too. On the 2nd, my brother Chris and I are going to see Rush at Post-Gazette Pavillion, my review will come sometime after the concert. Thursday is Chris’ birthday, and of course Friday is the 4th of July which I’ll be spending in Latrobe hanging out with my great family and friends. I am also going to try and squeeze in a trip to see Angie march for the Reading Buccaneers, hopefully I can fit that in, I think I have some time in July. I’m thinking about going to DCI finals in Bloomington Indiana the second weekend of August if I can find someone to go with, more on that later. I also am going to have an update to my funny band post of a few months back in the coming days/weeks. I’m going to try and blog more, we’ll see how that goes.



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Posted by Scott Plummer on September 14, 2007

James McFadden’s scorching goal from 40 yards out propels Scotland past France in the Euro 2008 qualifying round. Amazing goal.

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Kevin Everett might walk again after all.

Posted by Scott Plummer on September 12, 2007

The condition of the severly injured tight end of the Buffalo Bills has greatly improved.

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Great day.

Posted by Scott Plummer on September 8, 2007

Had a great day at the Highland Games in Ligonier. I got myself a Celtic F.C. shirt. On the sports front IUP beat Cheney 80-14. Go Crimson Hawks!!!

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Great Ichiro quote.

Posted by Scott Plummer on August 2, 2007

“If I ever saw myself saying I’m excited going to Cleveland, I’d punch myself in the face, because I’m lying” – Ichiro

Taken from a larger article discussing Ichiro’s odd use of the English language.


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I am tired of this.

Posted by Scott Plummer on August 1, 2007

Ok. I know it took 15 years of losing but I am finally tired of the Pirates. They have proved time and time again that they are unwilling to improve. When I say “they” I mean upper level management. They are unwilling to pay big prices for big time players. They are also unwilling to trade for big time players who can help the team, with the exceptions being Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, and Freddy Sanchez. Their drafting philosophy is so screwed up it defies explanation. The latest mind numbing move is the trade to pick up struggling, over paid pitcher Matt Morris from the Giants. They need to wake up or risk the fan base marching on PNC Park like an angry mob with torches. Soccer has passed baseball now as my third favorite sport, after hockey and football. I am not sure what surprises me more about that a) that it actually happened, or b) the ease in which it happened.  Let’s go Toronto FC!!!!

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“thats only a year over due”

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 26, 2007

That was the appropriate quote from a co-worker of mine when he read this article about the Durham DA finally admitting that there was no credible proof in charging three Duke lacrosse players with rape over a year ago. I couldn’t agree more. This guy should serve time for forever tarnishing the reputations of those three young men. What a shame.


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Just play football, then leave.

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 24, 2007

Alan Faneca needs to keep his mouth shut. He needs to play out his contract and go run for the overpayment he’s going to get next year. For the majority of his career he has been the consumate team guy. But since coach Cowher has left and “his guy” Russ Grimm didn’t get the job, and since he hasn’t gotten an offer he has deemed “enough” from the Steelers as far as a contract goes he feels it necessary to run his mouth every chance he gets. It’s getting a little old. And it’s only July.

Here are some of Alan’s “better” moments.


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Jumpin’ Jack gone?

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 20, 2007

With the deal that brought shortstop Cesar Izturis to the Pirates yesterday most people are of the opinion that Jack Wilson’s time in the ‘Burgh is coming to an end. Now I am as big of a Wilson fan as any but I tend to agree. Izturis has a 300,000 dollar contract buyout. The way I(and most others) see it is that Wilson will get traded before the deadline making Izturis the starting SS for the rest of the year, and at the end of the year the Pirates will buy him out. Right now in Indianapolis, the Buccos AAA affiliate, there is a SS name Brian Bixler that appears to be ready to make the jump.

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New arena for Penguins

Posted by Scott Plummer on March 14, 2007

As most people who care, and even those that don’t, know by now, the Penguins and state and local government have come to an agreement to build a new arena for the Penguins. There are plenty of articles out there about it and we are sure to hear more about it as the project moves forward. I was vocal in my dislike for something Mario Lemieux kept repeating throughout this whole process…”we were told that we were getting a new arena 8 years ago”. I am paraphrasing of course but this was heard a lot. I understood his frustration but I wanted him to move past the issue. I have since shifted my position on this, slightly. Recently the Police, and Genesis announced reunion tours, neither are coming to Pittsburgh. Why? The reason I have heard the most is that the facilities weren’t sufficient to host their show. Paul McCartney cited the same reason for not coming to the ‘Burgh a few years back. These rock icons could’ve brought huge money to the area if the deal had gotten done several years ago. The closest they are coming is Cleveland. Rush, my favorite band, while no dates have been announced, will be coming this summer and play at Post Gazette Pavilion, if they were scheduled to come in the fall they might have had to skip Pittsburgh for the same reason. I bring the issue up about these bands for those who think that the arena will only be used by the Penguins. This arena will be used more than the 41 home games for the Penguins.

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