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Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Good People Day”

Posted by Scott Plummer on April 2, 2008

Gary Vaynerchuk of Winelibrary TV fame has come up with what might be his best idea yet. He has declared in this video that April 3rd will be “Good People Day”. He says that with everything that is going on this world we need to take the time and talk, tweet, pownce, blog etc. about the good people, and the good things people do. He explains it better than I do, so you should watch, and digg the video to get the full effect. It’s a great idea that I am 100% behind. The video is inspiring, as are all of Gary’s videos. Thanks Gary, for being Gary.


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Two guitars, one person, playing Fur Elise

Posted by Scott Plummer on July 19, 2007

I saw this on You Tube via BoingBoing. This kid is great. He has some others on there too.

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